Studying the Pathways of Respiratory Virus Diseases (SPReD)

SPReD aims to advance understanding of the nature of spread of respiratory viruses (RSV, influenza, coronavirus, rhinovirus) at different scales of observation from the individual, household and school, local community to countrywide, and use this information to innovate interventions. The work represents an integration of epidemiological, virus sequence, contact and mobility data.

Funding:Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award

Collaborators: Graham Medley, Pat Cane, Matt Cotten, Paul Kellam, Matt Keeling, Thomas House, Ciro Catuto, Jennifer Verani


Mapping transmission pathways of respiratory viruses in Kenya (SPReD-Kenya)
This is a collaborative project utilizing respiratory specimens and associated de-identified clinical data collected over a three-year period (2014-2016) from an existing influenza surveillance platform ... more

Modelling transmission and control interventions (Intervention Modelling)

Work is planned to develop transmission dynamic models of respiratory viruses within the Kenya setting that integrate a spatial ... more

Transmission Pathways of Viral Respiratory Infections in Kilifi County (Local-SPReD)

Acute respiratory infections (ARI) are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among people of all ages, with majority of the burden occurring in low-resource countries ... more

Genome Analysis to Track Transmission and Evolution of Respiratory Virus Epidemics

A wide range of respiratory viruses co-circulates in human populations and cause overlapping respiratory symptoms. ... more

Exploring the role of minority variants in RSV transmission and evolution

Whole genome consensus sequence data provides information that represents the dominant virus subtype. It does not provide sufficient information for resolving transmission ... more

Integrating sequence and epidemiological data to define RSV transmission patterns

In order to control diseases, we first need to increase our understanding of transmission. This can be aided by analyzing as much data as possible within a single framework ... more

Characterizing the genomic diversity, evolution and phylogeography of respiratory syncytial virus genotype ON1 in Kenya

A new variant of RSV was first identified in 2010 in Ontario Canada, named ON1, and subsequently spread globally, including Kenya. ... more

Understanding social contact networks and the spread of respiratory infections

Common respiratory infections such as flu spread when we come into contact with germs emitted by sick individuals through coughing or sneezing ... more