The Virus Epidemiology and Control Research Group

We conduct intensive long term studies into population dynamics of viral pathogens informing intervention strategies

We are located at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme

New Article

Nyiro et al.

In our recent publication, Ivy Kombe , Joyce Nyiro and colleagues describe a catalytic model to determine the optimal age to vaccinate. The findings are in line with previous work from a dynamic age-structured model, and adds to a growing body of evidence on the targets for an RSV vaccine.


George Githinji

George Githinji, a postdoc investigating RSV quasispecies diversity, has recieved an Africa-Oxford collaborative travel grant from the Africa-Oxford Initiative (Af-Ox). The £5000 grant will facilitate collaborative research work between the VEC group in Kilifi and Prof. Christophe's group at the Big Data Institute in Oxford, UK.