Our Background

The research group is based within the Epidemiology and Demography Department of the Wellcome Trust Major Overseas Programme based at Kilifi, coastal Kenya. We study a range of respiratory and enteric viruses that are of major public health importance in the region. Our focus is understanding the transmission dynamics of pathogens such as RSV, Rotavirus and Influenza viruses with an aim of improving strategies of control. We are also engaged in long term surveillence of burden of disease estimation, vaccine interventions evaluation and immuno-epidemiological research.

RSV A and B prevalence from 2002 to 2016
Seasonality of RSV in Kilifi from 2002 to 2016

Our research is multi-disciplinary and applies a wide range of approaches that involve the application and development of molecular, immunological, bioinformatics, mathematical modelling, electronic tagging and social tools. This is not done alone, and we have an excellent group of collaborators.