The VEC-group open data repository

The VEC data repository hosts a growing collection of digital research data and documentation. This repository was set up to meet funder, publishers and the research community need for good data management practices with an emphasis on long-term preservation, discovery and open research.

Embedded within the research data life cycle, the repository offers services for managing, archiving, preserving and data sharing.

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Data curation

The VEC data repository strives to provided multiple data management and curation services that go beyond simple file upload and storage. A variety of specialised services are available including file migration and normalization, code replication review, de-identification, access policy enforcement, user support and training.

Data management

Repository staff work with researchers to provide information on key considerations for managing their research data, outlining the details of funder and other stakeholder requirements, and identifying appropriate resources to assist in preparing and executing data management and preservation plans.

Some of the tools that we use or recommmend include,

If you have an interest in accessing particular study data or archived materials, contact KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Data Governance Committee