Irene Adema (BSc)

I hold a bachelors degree in Biomedical Science and Technology from Maseno University. Since joining the Virus Epidemiology and Control Group in 2014 as an assistant research officer, I have been involved in coordinating the DECIDE Kenya project specifically designing and setting up field studies collecting data on community social contact patterns which could lead to infection transmission. This data is important to parameterize models aimed at determining the impact of demographic changes on infectious disease transmission.

I am also part of the group working on the SPReD project aimed at defining the pathways of respiratory virus transmission, particularly involved in studies investigating the role and importance of schools and households in transmission of respiratory viruses.

Before joining the programme, I participated in both laboratory and population based research projects. My interests are in epidemiology and I aspire to acquire advanced training to refine and complement skills that I have developed in order to understand the dynamics of infectious diseases transmission in low income settings.